People Make Glasgow Day 2

As promised, this Saturday brings the irrevocable progression of my experience in Scotland.


The next day my dad showed up to join me in the hotel. He, thankfully, didn’t come down to breakfast with me this time either so wasn’t there for when I flirted with the sausage guy. I mean, he made me vegetarian sausages and had an amazing accent, what’s the harm? Here, my dad and I had decided we would brave the freezing, outside world. Well — he would brave it. For me, it was only natural. It was at least sunny for him, if not for me.


We made our way to the famous Buchanan Street in the light of the growing sun. Clouds shrouded its edges, at least. The street was famous for being the one in Glasgow that no cars could drive down. And housing a lot of street entertainment. Like these lovelies here. I joked with my dad that I would take one as my visa boyfriend. It was just the beards that bothered him. Of course, it was undeniable that I had seen them before. When I had been here last for that measly weekend trip back in 2012, I had seen this band then, too. Playing on the street among the many shops, street goers, and sales. I had been entranced by the bagpipes and loud drums then, too.


And they weren’t the only ones out on Buchanan that day. Ah, Buchanan Street, you never cease to amaze! This man, yes, a real, human man, was posing as the even more infamously known cone-head statue of Duke Wellington in George Square. My dad and I hadn’t seen it yet. But we figured, soon enough, we would come across his greatness. Look at how astonished these passersby seem. I’m just fascinated with the wee horse he’s riding. Well, sitting on.


And here’s me finding even more fascination with the simplicity of a Scottish street sign. Oh, how different it was! And so informative. Need to take the subway? Well it’s just over there, no worries of getting lost! The pure, natural, and ancient beauty of the architecture in the background will never cease to amaze me, either. What is that back there? A James Pringles store? Whatever that is…But look at how classic and sophisticated the building is. As we walked, I found myself getting drawn deeper and deeper in, and me, powerless to stop it.


It was toward the end that we were finally able to find Strathclyde. The partner school I would be attending for 6 months. It was a school buried deep within the center of the city and it blended in so well, I could hardly tell it was a university at first. We had just been looking at a map by the road when a Scottish stranger came up to help us. He was extremely nice — not to mention a complete stranger — and gave us all the ins and outs to walking around campus. It was then I realized something else. This place was quite…homey. I was very comfortable here. Almost too quickly. And I knew that this experience was going to be a good one.

Day 3 to come next week.

Peace. Cheers. Love. xx



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